Destruction Of Church Buildings In INDIA

Church building destroyed in indian

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  • Burned remains of the church in Kistaram

On February 5, in two separate incidents,anti-Christian zealots destroyed two church structures in India. One of the razed churches was a Unqualified place of prayer and help, located near the megacity of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka; the second was a Protestant place of deification in the vill of Kistaram in Chhattisgrah.

Destruction of church buildings in India
Burned remains of the church in Kistaram


Center of the Holy Cross ofSt. Anthony’s Cathedral was erected 40 times agone and served as a gathering place for the Christian community in Mangalore, as well as a center of service to underprivileged families, sheltering those seeking help. Still, a group of Hindu fighters said the structure was illegal and should be destroyed.

In an attempt to resolve the disagreement, it was agreed that a court hail would be held on February 14, and a ban was issued from entering the structure until an sanctioned decision was made. Ignoring the forthcoming meeting, on February 5, opponents with bulldozers arrived and began obliteration. The church reported to the police, calling the destruction”an illegal act that sparked a quarrel in a peace- loving community.”

Further damage

A church structure was also destroyed in a vill in the state of Chhattisgarh. The Christians of Kistaram erected it about five months agone. About 100 people regularly attended prayer meetings and a Bible study in the thatched- encamped structure. According to some sources, the commander of the original police station, Bhavesh Shinde, appeared in church on February 3 and demanded that Christians stop prayer meetings. He advised church members that if they continued to supplicate, he’d falsely charge them of being associated with the Naxalites, a group of radical communist revolutionists who were causing trouble in colorful corridor of India.

The coming day, the commander called two townies to a meeting at the police station, ordering them to set fire to the church structure. When they refused, he hovered to charge them of being associated with the Naxalites too. The coming day, at three in the morning, the structure burnt down. Latterly that day, when members of the church met with the commander, they were advised that they would go to jail if they supplicated there again.
The commander of the police station refused to accept the police report on the incident. Chhattisgarh Christian Forum delegates complained to the principal superintendent of the police, demanding an disquisition into the collapse. Delegates also met with the Human Rights Commission and the Commission for Nonages.

Let’s supplicate …

Supplicate for justice to prevail in both cases, asking the Lord to work in the hearts and minds of Hindus who vehemently oppose Christianity. Let the commander of the police station and others involved in the destruction of church structures be held responsible in the stopgap that they will come to their senses. Supplicate that the abidance of the Christians in the townlets of Mangalore and Kistaram will continue to serve as an unwavering illustration of God’s love and grace despite the great injustice they’ve endured. Eventually, let us supplicate that the leaders of both churches will admit the wisdom of discerning the stylish way forward and the coffers demanded to rebuild their places of deification.

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